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Confined Space Procedures:

At the beginning of the job, compile a list of all of the confined spaces on the job (primarily manhole and inlets). For larger jobs, this can be done in phases. The Confined Space Entry (CSE) will automatically create this list as you go through the job and perform assessments.

Use a sniffer to test the atmosphere of each space, then choose the Add New Space option on the website to complete each assessment. The website will assess each confined space to determine whether it is a confined space, an alternate space, or a permit-required confined space.

If your space is an alternate or permit-required space, the CSE tool will provide you with a link to an alternate space form or a permit for entry. These will be filled out just before you enter the space to do work. NOTE: For a permit-controlled space, you MUST ALSO fill out a PAPER COPY of the permit and keep it displayed at the worksite during work.


Add a Confined Space

Add an Alternate Space

Add a Permit-Required Space

Complete the Alternate Space Form

Complete the Permit

Complete the Atmo Test Form

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