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NOTE: A paper copy of the confined space permit MUST be completed and displayed at the site of entry while the confined space entry is underway.

Entry Procedure Checklist

Complete the following steps before, during, and after a confined space entry:

  1. Notify Supervisor before the Confined Space Entry.
  2. Examine all PPE and perform a bump test with the MSA 4-Gas Detector. Calibrate the detector if necessary.
  3. Complete the first page of the Permit-Confined Space Entry Form.
  4.  Ensure all rescue equipment (e.g. tripod, body-belt, lanyard) is in place prior to entry.
  5. Monitor the confined space with the MSA 4-Gas Detector prior to entry.The entrant and attendant should complete the Hazards of Confined Spaces and Special Requirements Section of the Permit-Confined Space Entry Form before the employee is within the confined space. The entrant, attendant, and supervisor should sign the permit authorization section on the bottom of the permit to ensure all actions and conditions necessary for safe entry have been performed.
  6. Employee entering the confined space should wear the 4-Gas Detector after the pre-atmosphere test. The employee should also have a full body harness and lanyard attached to the rescue tripod. Employee shall have a radio and any other necessary personal protective equipment. Employee can enter the confined once Step 6 is completed.
  7. The attendant should maintain constant communication with the entrant until the entrant has exited the confined space.
  8. The attendant should contact the supervisor once the entrant has exited the confined space.
  9. The attendant, entrant, and supervisor should review the entry and make note of any difficulties encountered with the process in the notes section of the permit.
  10. The Permit-Confined Space Entry Form should be turned in to the Office for filing.

Completing the Confined Space Permit – Part 1

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